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Support Chicago's Most Vulnerable Children
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Help 'smoke out' sickle cell, and support La Rabida's Charles Horn III Sickle Cell program on May 23rd
2018 Smoke Out
It is not too late to enjoy an evening of great food and fine cigars, and help support a great cause! All proceeds benefit the Charles Horn III Sickle Cell program at La Rabida.

Click here to register and learn more about this event.

Make the most of your donation with a company match contribution

Does your employer offer company match contributions? A number of companies will fully or partially match your donation to La Rabida. You can find out here using this handy search tool. Simply enter the name of your employer in the search field here.

  • Enter the name of your employer
  • Complete the employer match form
  • Send to La Rabida, and we'll take care of the rest!

If your company does not offer employer match programs, contact your human resources department about possible opportunities.  

The 29th annual
La Rabida classic is coming August 6, 2018

2018 Golf 

Chicago summer is right around the corner, which means La Rabida's 29th annual golf classic is just a few, short months away. Join us at Harborside International on Monday, August 6th for a day of great food, golf, raffles and prizes. We will round out the day with a cocktail reception and dinner.

Click here to register or learn more about fantastic sponsorship opportunities.  

Join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of La Rabida's Child and Family Connections (CFC) program

CFC 20th
Join us for Remembering the past, celebrating the present and preparing for the future, La Rabida’s conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of Child and Family Connections. We’ll have a panel of leaders who have made significant contributions to early intervention care. Participants will also hear from a family of La Rabida that has directly benefitted from the program. Attendees can earn up to 5.5 hours of early intervention credit hours.

You can learn more about registering for this unique, education celebration, here. Space is limited, click here to register today. 

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Elena Perez inspires cast of Hamilton to write a song
Elena Perez

SS La Rabida patient, Elena Perez, was selected by Katie’s Art Project—an organization that connects children with chronic illness to artists, in order to “create a lasting legacy through art”. Elena and her two sisters had the opportunity to meet with Chicago Hamilton cast members, Gabriella Sorrentino and Jimmie Jeter to collaborate on writing a song inspired by Elena.

Jeter and Sorrentino spent an afternoon getting to know Elena, her family and interests. They played around with melodies on Jeter’s guitar, and had Elena weigh in on lyrics and tempo of the song. “This is going to be a soulful song; I’m impressed,” stated Jeter as Elena playfully sang a line of lyrics along to Jeter’s guitar-playing.

For further inspiration, the group went outside to enjoy the beautiful, spring day. In addition to being inspired by Elena’s contagious personality and sense of humor, Jeter and Sorrentino were visibly in awe of Elena’s grit and positive outlook. Elena was born with her heart on the right side of her chest instead of the left, and she only has one lung. Amazed by her bravery, and unique heart, Sorrentino proclaimed, “The heart of a warrior…That has to go in the song!"

Jeter and Sorrentino will continue to collaborate with Elena on the song and record it for her family’s enjoyment. In response to the progress of the song, Elena proudly proclaimed, “Put it on iTunes!"

There are super heroes among us...Holiday Heroes holds super hero party at La Rabida
Super Heroes

Little super heroes walk our halls every day at La Rabida, but they don’t always wear capes—that all changed this month during La Rabida’s super hero party. Representatives from Holiday Heroes stopped by to celebrate with kids in our outpatient clinic.

Kids who stopped by were given super hero-themed boxes, filled with stickers, toys and even a cape, and were invited to decorate their own super hero masks to complete the ensemble. We see little super heroes every day at La Rabida; thank you, Holiday Heroes for helping them dress the part!

"Kids helping kids" La Rabida receives a helping hand from a number of our youngest supporters

We are humbled by the support of our donors and volunteers, but nothing touches us quite like kids inspired to help other kids. This month, we’ve had a number of young people showing their support in different ways for the kids at La Rabida.   

High school student raises money to support an organization that "does good": Meet Kathedra, a high school high school senior inspired to donate books to La Rabida. Our Lady of Grace senior, Kathedra Csanyi generously donated over 1200 children's books to La Rabida. Kathedra wanted to give back to an organization that "does good" in the community. She picked La Rabida for exemplifying, "hope, health and well-being of children and families". Thank you Kathedra for your generosity and support of La Rabida!


La Rabida volunteer plans fundraiser to support La Rabida tutoring program: High school senior and La Rabida volunteer, Andrea Hernandez planned her own fundraiser to support La Rabida’s tutoring program. Andrea, a student at Bishop Noll Institute, has a passion for education and supporting kids at La Rabida. “My heart has been touched by so many tiny, little hands…I am always looking for ways to help [the kids] more."

When Andrea heard that La Rabida was looking for opportunities to raise money for its tutoring program, she planned and executed her own movie night fundraiser. The event grew faster than Andrea anticipated—with the help of her school’s administration; Andrea received the support of five other area schools to host their own movie night. All proceeds for the movie night benefit the La Rabida tutoring program.

Girl Scouts give the gift of time: Girl Scout Brownie Troop #20364 gave up part of their Saturday for a service project. These young ladies assisted with cleaning and sanitizing toys in the child life pavilion. Thank you, Girl Scout Brownie Troop #20364 for your support of La Rabida!   
La Rabida pays tribute to children who are gone but not forgotten
Day of Rememberance

Every May, La Rabida hosts its annual Day of Remembrance to pay tribute to former patients who have passed away. The event is intended to offer support for children’s loved ones. An important cornerstone of La Rabida’s mission is to support every child who comes through our doors as well as their families. The Day of Remembrance is about reflection and celebrating the lives of those whom we’ve lost and to continue to help those who love them.

We will continue to proudly and fondly celebrate their lives today and always.

Former La Rabida asthma patient inspires next generation to give back
World Asthma Day
La Rabida celebrated Asthma Awareness Month with the giving spirit of a former asthma patient. Tom Ruiz credits La Rabida with, “saving his life”. Tom was treated for severe asthma in La Rabida’s inpatient unit. He shared that he has fond and vivid memories of looking at Lake Michigan from the window in his room. Tom also stated that months after he was discharged, he still enjoyed visiting La Rabida, and the staff was always wonderful to him.   

Tom is now a principal of St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point, Indiana. Recently, he shared his experience of being treated for asthma with his students, and they in turn wanted to give back to La Rabida.

In a fantastic showing of support, Tom, and a number of students hosted a charity dodgeball tournament to raise money for La Rabida. The event attracted a number of the school’s alumni and staff, and four different grade levels participated in the teams. Tom is very proud of the school’s efforts and plans to make the fundraiser an annual event.